Crowd Funding – good idea or not?

I just receieved this link from two very talented writers/actors/producers, Drew Fairley and Kate Smith,  to help fund their new production, The Unspeakable Itch.  God knows its hard to get funding now adays and I think its a great idea especially for Indie Theatre. I am working with a client now for sponsorship and its hard to get funds from anywhere, arts or government or corporate bodies.

Thank god for Simon Mordant speaking out about how badly Australia’s rich perform in the philanthropy stakes. AND it made the front page of the weekend papers! I applaud him and Dick Smith for speaking out…there must have been a few teeth nashing in the rich suburbs…lets see what they do…

My concerns with Crowd Funding are….does it look tacky? what happens if the funders don’t like the show and what if they want to put their 2 cents worth into how its made?? I’ve worked on enough high profile gigs to know that major sponsors do and will have a say if they don’t like something, especially in my arena of marketing. But then, without them I wouldn’t get paid, and we would have a very dismal arts scene in Oz. Its a balancing act.

I’m not sure if crowd funding is the right fit for the show I’m working on but good on Drew and Kate for giving it a go.

Please support them, the arts, charities….and in the words of  Billionaire Warren Buffet  ”a very rich person should leave his kids enough to do anything, but not enough to do nothing”.

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