If you’re happy and you know it ..

I just had one of the best weekend in agessss… a lot of my mates are turning 40 so that was always going to make it fun with friends coming from Melbourne to stay and play for one of the groups celebrations.

But then! Prince tour dates announced, so one of these old mates persuaded me to get tickets and go…and WOW what a night. I had very little expectations – liking his early music but only really getting into the funk when Musicology came out.  Despite the hike to Homebush – it was an amazing night. His guitar playing by itself, let alone the staging, dancing and an amazing reportoir made it for one hellava fun night.

Meeting up with the rest of my pack staying the weekend after the concert just added to the high. But the weekend was more than the concert but more about being in a group, or maybe, like dogs, being in a pack that I think that “made” my weekend. These friends I’ve known for a long time. 10+ years. Funny – when you were younger, having a friend for 6 months was considered a long time!

To have friends around me that I’ve known for so long I think is a comfort thing. No need to explain things, comfortable around each other and knowing each others nuances. Also, growing up in a house with 8 people, I love the sounds of people around me whether it be sleeping, mumbling, chatting, kettle boiling etc etc

And I think for me after having a very cataclysmic last year with new friends not behaving themselves, having the comfort of old mates around reinforced  that my pack is fine, and I’m fine too. People come and go in your lives, but its true what one of my dear old Uncles said to me “If at the end of your life you can count your true friends on one hand, you are a lucky person”

And I am an extremely lucky person already….


About jbmandm

I run a marketing consultancy, I work, I eat, I go out too much. I really love my dog. I'll try not to talk too much about work,,,,or my dog.
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