Bundy Blog – I’d rather be fishin

Friday May 18

Arrived 6ish after delicious drive through pie at Raymond Terrace yes..Drive thru Pies! God I luv Oztralia

Cheese and red wine for dinner

Sat May 19

Heaps of dolphins out this morning – saw 6, having a whale of a time…ha ha

Pulled tinny out with assistant Michelle. Got crab pots and fishing lines at the ready.

Scadoodled around out the front after battle to get the tinny in the water! No fish, snagged three eyed lure first time. Boo. Laid crab pot straight out the front.

Sunday May 20

Took tinny out again – still no crabs. Bait nearly gone thou – reckon some idiot stole our crabs. IDIOTS

Went back in arvo to check pots – nothing. Boring. Fished again, heaps of nibbles, maybe hooks aren’t right? Can’t be the technique

More fishing, beautiful day!  Still no fish. Need to research.

Found Rex Hunt’s fishing book – did intensive research on baiting, knots and lures. Need more practice. Casting is going v.well thou.

Monday May 21

VERY excited to see a Green Turtle on our jaunt in the tinny this morning – his little head poked up in the water…wanted our bait I reckon. Surprised they would be so far south but found this online

Tried earlier fishing. Still no luck. Moved crab pot – this is getting boring.

Went to co op and had fish and chips for lunch then back to work for the arvo.

Tuesday May 22

Given up on Tinny and crab pots. Assistant went out to pull them up, I unfortunately had to work.

Walked Ollie and spoke to the “Old Man and the Sea” who was dragging a massive catch of fish (well 4 – that’s fisherman talk) all Bream. Heaps around he told me – we using the wrong bait. These fish like chicken, not prawns. Fussy fish. Complete waste of time for crabs thou he told me – none around at all. Righto then

May well be the last Bundy blog – esp if no bloody fish or crabs to report. This could get boring.

Home now – shall try again this weekend. Must. Not.Give. Up.

Ollie not happy coming home – sad face 😦

Me understand – I’d rather be fishin


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I run a marketing consultancy, I work, I eat, I go out too much. I really love my dog. I'll try not to talk too much about work,,,,or my dog.
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