The rights and the wrongs

Is it a state of nurture or upbringing that you somehow work out when you get older what is the right way to do things? Morals, ethics, religion? I am constantly surprised when people do, what is obvious to me, the wrong thing. I’m not talking shooting someone or robbing a grocery store – its more about how you live your life.

I see more and more examples of wrong doings, not just in business, but in my personal life as well. Sometimes its all about that money – the evil dollar that has such influence on what people do. I’m not naive, but I have never felt money as a motivator, but I do know some people that it is their prime motivator for living. I would find it very difficult to make a decision, I know would be wrong, because of money.

Then there are the liars and the cheaters. The cheaters that take what is not theirs – knowingly take someone else’s partner. Selfishness, greed, gluttony. And deception, the disloyalty. Loyalty and being faithful isn’t a part time thing, or when it suits you.

This is beginning to sound like the seven deadly sins!

Have we as a society become so broken that some basic norms are now not “en vogue” lets just do what we want, take what we want? It doesn’t matter how much you would hurt someone by your actions?

To break a commercial contract is one thing, to break a friends trust or a bond – that is something much more dastardly. To me anyway.

Recently I discovered that someone I knew was having an affair with a friends partner. The woman, the instigator, and I had a conversation. How could you even think of doing this I asked, knowing that the man was in a long term relationship? Because I can – she said, I don’t care about her.

Doesn’t care. Doesn’t think its wrong. How on earth is this right? and don’t get me started on the bloke….as they say once a cheater always a cheater.

I don’t know how to end this blog but to hang my head in disgust as to what is happening to people and  to focus on being with people that have a similar code of living as what I do. Reliable, loyal, honest and good people who will do the right thing. Thank god there are people in my life that are like that.

A picture hangs in my office, and while I’m not sure I believe in Karma, I do believe in this


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I run a marketing consultancy, I work, I eat, I go out too much. I really love my dog. I'll try not to talk too much about work,,,,or my dog.
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