Having to say goodbye

Today, I had to do something I have not done before. Say goodbye to someone you care about, knowing you won’t see them again. You see, my beautiful cousin, more like another big sister to me, has terminal cancer.

Gab is the eldest of a large family and one of my few cousins that lives in Sydney. We used to talk often, she’d come over for lunches, BBQ’s, parties and I’d pop in if I was up her way. Her Mum, AC as I called her, was my favourite Aunt – a real card…so much fun, and naughty. Gab inherited AC’s naughtiness and wicked laugh.

One of the funniest memories I have is Gab coming to one of my parties. She arrived with all she could find in the fridge, her 20 year old daughters Vodka Cruisers. This was kinda odd for my Champagne Charlie friends. But hilarious and  just like Gab to me. No  time to stop to get some wine, even though it was a 40 minute drive away and she must have past at least 10 bottle shops – there’s a party on and I gotta get there!!

She has always been someone I could talk to openly and honestly about troubles in my life and the usual family tensions. Always with a great smile, the throaty laugh  – always supportive and always there. Gab, today can’t talk any more. That was the hardest thing for me, she could nod and every now and then I’d say something that would make her smile. But Gab not being able to talk….that was heartbreaking. It was only a month ago  that we had a chat on the phone. How could this happen so quick? Gab that loved to chat like nothing else. How cruel to take this away from her, her ability to speak.

How I will miss her. The talks and the laughs. and the talking and talking.

This picture is of Gab on the right hand side, with a some of my cousins, talking – with a glass of wine in her hand!

Safe travels my darling and we will meet again for more long chats and a glass or two.


About jbmandm

I run a marketing consultancy, I work, I eat, I go out too much. I really love my dog. I'll try not to talk too much about work,,,,or my dog.
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