The +1 Factor and SSM’s – Smug Single Men

I was talking the other day with a mate about how to put up with in laws that you don’t like and should you go to their funeral when the time comes? It was a funny convo – she said yes, out of respect. I think no – from respect as well, to go to someone’s funeral you clearly disliked is maybe dishonest and disrespectful in my view. But then, funerals are for the ones left behind – not the ones in the ground.

This then made me think of some people in my life I have to “put up with”  you know the ones you don’t like…not just brother in laws but relatives and hardest for me – my friends partners. I find it very hard to be false, I can’t do it. I will be polite – but please don’t make me have to go on endless outings with them. Luckily there are few of these now, the majority of my mates have awesome partners that put up with me so that’s tops!

On the flip side, I seem to have many gorgeous friends who struggle to find decent guys in this town. There does appear to be a lack of decent straight single “normal”men in Sydney.

Making it even harder is that I’ve recently come across what I am now calling SSM’s – Smug Single Men who know in Sydney that their world is their oyster. One SSM said to me a couple of weeks ago, oh that girl is so cute but I could never go out with her as she’s got fat ankles? Like WTF – nothing to do with a lovely person she is blah blah.  The issue seems to be that SSM’s have SO many  women to choose from now, and I see women, especially ones successful in work, being retardedly sloppy and allowing men to be carry on with this behaviour.

These guys think they can do what they like, and they can, and even if you are a fantastic person – if you’ve got fat ankles you are out!

Anhoo – distracted again, back to what to do with people around you who you don’t like. Make a brave face? Put  up and shut up? At the end of the day it depends on the relationship – same as in going to funerals for people you don’t like – its always about the other person, the ones left behind.

And as one of my sisters said to me when she was having a falling out with another sister…”just because we are related doesn’t mean I have to like you” yep says it all.


About jbmandm

I run a marketing consultancy, I work, I eat, I go out too much. I really love my dog. I'll try not to talk too much about work,,,,or my dog.
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