A home amongst the Sydney gum trees – not so easy if you rent

House hunting, blergh

I was told mid May I had to leave my house, the place was falling down, terrible damp and the owners wanted to renovate. I had previously decided to move in April, the thought of another winter in that house where it was 5 degrees cooler inside then out was not something me or my allergies could put up with.  But as a summer house it was divine. Many fun times in the house, many guests, parties and BBQ‘s in the garden. Sad times too, losing my beloved puss cat suddenly to cancer not long after I moved in was  traumatic 5 years ago. I still see Bogart sometimes out of the corner of my eye. I couldn’t replace him, so ended up with Oliver dog.


So the hunt began in April. I did find something quickly, but as the new landlord wanted a month’s rent up front, combined with 3 weeks rent notice period from my current one meant $5000+ down the drain. So I kept looking, hoping a smaller deposit would be achievable. Luckily, having formally been told my lease was terminated, meant I didn’t need to give the 3 week notice period. I could leave anytime. Hooray ! Easy, or so I thought.

I haven’t looked in 5+ years for a rental. And what a lot of froth and bubble has happened since then. Bribes, now common to agents, not all but some dastardly types is now happening.  You see, I was told, my application would have been a “higher” priority if I had given a bit extra. In the good old days – first one in with the application form wins. Not if someone else views the property at the same time, hears you tell the agent you want it, then dollars change hands. And  then, there is the pay more than the advertised rental trick. Idiots! pay more than the already over inflated rents to make sure they win. Seriously, do we really need to do this? Sydney housing is indeed in crisis.

And don’t get me started on properties that don’t allow pets. Units – sure I understand that, but houses….with a garden?? Commeee on – I know children cause far more damage to houses then pets do. And I know having been a landlord myself in the past. No Pet draws on walls, punches holes in the wall thanks very much. Thank goodness Clover Moore is trying to change these ridiculous rules with pets in rentals in NSW. So I’ve been told, don’t tell them you have a dog, you will never get a place if you do. But my boy is  a tad boisterous, while I may have tried to smuggle a cat in before to rentals – I think a dog is a little harder. So my honesty is penalising me.

I’m onto house inspection 25, with twice that in drive by’s and the 4th application about to be submitted and cross fingers I hope I’m successful. At a rental that in Qld would have me a mortgage payment for a 4 bedroom house. In Sydney, that mortgage would pay for a small unit. No thanks – I’ll rent and think about buying a house outside of town.

I will miss seeing my Bogie out of the corner of my eye, and hearing my cousins laugh in the garden the last time she visited before passing away.

back garden party

Its time to move, change and move on. Here’s to new adventures! But all I will say I suspect this will be my last move within Sydney. Sydney I love you but you are soo bringing me down…

me back garden


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I run a marketing consultancy, I work, I eat, I go out too much. I really love my dog. I'll try not to talk too much about work,,,,or my dog.
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5 Responses to A home amongst the Sydney gum trees – not so easy if you rent

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  2. Cheers to new adventures! 😉 x

  3. ambradambra says:

    So sorry to hear things are so tough in the Sydney rental market – and also that having a pet makes it even harder. What’s wrong with some landlords. Pfff. This may not be appropriate for you but if you’re stuck in between houses, there’s always the Hughenden Hotel in Queen St Woollahra. They’re pet-friendly! I’m pretty sure they still run literary events, so maybe a little contra deal might work? Anyhoo, good luck.

    • jbmandm says:

      Yeah its hideous – thanks I live near the Hughenden now and its great but expensive for long term. Off to see another two places now…wish me luck!

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