Your Boss is a Bully – she’s also a woman

Why are there now so many female bullies, especially in the workplace? I have had a few mates recently who have  had this happen to them. I asked a client about this recently who runs an EMP consultancy (trauma and staff counselling) he said to me the incidents of senior female managers bullying junior female workers has become much much more frequent that it was in the past.

Woman fought hard to get into the workplace, but my generation of senior managers are seriously beginning to lose their cool. And this bullying business is not cool.

Are these women managers threatened by younger women? is it a territorial thing? Sure its got better for young women coming into the work place but that’s a good  thing right? That is what I would hope has happened after the years of  toil and trouble I went through post uni in the 80’s, breaking down barriers, climbing on top of oil tankers, standing in the mud and generally fiercely showing I can do whatever a man can do in a work place. My generation should be mentoring and training, not breaking spirits.

And women are great at tormenting other women – I should know, I’m the sixth daughter in a large family. emotional blackmail, irrational behaviour, sheer bloody torture.

Great article here from Forbes on the rise of the female bully in the workplace.

There is a lot of emphasis on kids being bullied, but maybe some awareness needs to be made of this “new” workplace bullying.

Its sad. And don’t get me started on what has happened with our previous female PM and how she has been bullied. That’s a whole new blog in itself!

*image from Bully the film and project 


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3 Responses to Your Boss is a Bully – she’s also a woman

  1. alturnertive says:

    Having experienced it first hand, I can tell you that it is a poisonous practice that is not only on the rise, but also seemingly fostered and encouraged in some industries.

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