Bundy Blog – I’d rather be fishin

Friday May 18

Arrived 6ish after delicious drive through pie at Raymond Terrace yes..Drive thru Pies! God I luv Oztralia

Cheese and red wine for dinner

Sat May 19

Heaps of dolphins out this morning – saw 6, having a whale of a time…ha ha

Pulled tinny out with assistant Michelle. Got crab pots and fishing lines at the ready.

Scadoodled around out the front after battle to get the tinny in the water! No fish, snagged three eyed lure first time. Boo. Laid crab pot straight out the front.

Sunday May 20

Took tinny out again – still no crabs. Bait nearly gone thou – reckon some idiot stole our crabs. IDIOTS

Went back in arvo to check pots – nothing. Boring. Fished again, heaps of nibbles, maybe hooks aren’t right? Can’t be the technique

More fishing, beautiful day!  Still no fish. Need to research.

Found Rex Hunt’s fishing book – did intensive research on baiting, knots and lures. Need more practice. Casting is going v.well thou.

Monday May 21

VERY excited to see a Green Turtle on our jaunt in the tinny this morning – his little head poked up in the water…wanted our bait I reckon. Surprised they would be so far south but found this online

Tried earlier fishing. Still no luck. Moved crab pot – this is getting boring.

Went to co op and had fish and chips for lunch then back to work for the arvo.

Tuesday May 22

Given up on Tinny and crab pots. Assistant went out to pull them up, I unfortunately had to work.

Walked Ollie and spoke to the “Old Man and the Sea” who was dragging a massive catch of fish (well 4 – that’s fisherman talk) all Bream. Heaps around he told me – we using the wrong bait. These fish like chicken, not prawns. Fussy fish. Complete waste of time for crabs thou he told me – none around at all. Righto then

May well be the last Bundy blog – esp if no bloody fish or crabs to report. This could get boring.

Home now – shall try again this weekend. Must. Not.Give. Up.

Ollie not happy coming home – sad face 😦

Me understand – I’d rather be fishin

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What’s in a Name?

There’s been so much hoo-hah about Prince in the media recently.  I was lucky enough to go and see him last week…wow what an amazing live performer. On the weekend, I was reading this one article about him and the legal battles about the use of his name. Remember Love Symbol? When this was happening back in the nineties, I just thought it was another flipped out rock star wanting to get publicity by changing his name.

In hindsight, I don’t think the media got this right. See, the true reasoning for him doing this wasn’t allowed to be written about, due to legal reasons.

In essence, he lost control of using his own name, given to him at birth by his mother. His record company at that time said they owned it. How extraordinary to lose the right of using your own name!

But then, with horror, I realised that this has happened to me too – I also have had to fight for my name.

When starting up my own business, I was told I couldn’t register my own name – given to me by my parents at birth – as my business name. Apparently I had to add other words to it for it to be “legal”. Um, like seriously? Here I was thinking that being born and having a birth certificate was enough!

A quick backgrounder: my surname has caused some problems over the years. In the 80s & 90s, travelling to the UK was a nightmare for me and my family. Unfortunately, a high-ranking member of a terrorist religious group (which I won’t mention due to further “issues”) had the same surname. This resulted in full strip-searches being conducted every single time I entered the UK. I was getting so used to it, I would start to disrobe as I was queuing up for Immigration, ready for the escort to a private room and being looked at as if I was a criminal. If I hadn’t been travelling there for work every six weeks I wouldn’t have worried – but to be honest, it is not a nice thing to have to go through – ever. Especially after a long haul flight and especially when at this time I worked for a 5 star hotel chain and had to escort VIP’s for industry famils. I had to give a little speech to all  my VIP’s before we embarked Business Class advising them that I maybe delayed due to “paperwork”!

It wasn’t until I started working for a high level government department that I was able to find out exactly why this was happening. Yep – previously no explanation was given. We were told to “cop it” or else. It could get worse… much worse.  Thank goodness a contact at the time sorted out this long-standing problem for us all. A mere notation on the records set the story straight.

But then I had the misfortune of having an old-fashioned boss who decided to change my surname when I went on my honeymoon. Horrified on my return to see my payslip in another surname, I had no idea of the ramifications. Back then, if details had been changed, especially with the tax department, I would have to change my name by deed poll… Yes – MY name! The verbal abuse I copped in the workplace for not taking my partner’s name was also horrendous. But that was another era… And, yes, another story.

I like my surname – it’s background is a mixture of French, Irish and English – I wouldn’t give it up for anything, or anyone. I’ve had to fight for it over the years, and to this day I hold it – proudly – as mine. My ancestors I hope are proud!


Bonner  (Old French), and the meaning of Bonner is “gentle, mannerly”.

Another theory by the family is when my ancestors were expelled from France for another religious crusade or somethin, that the original name was along the lines of Bon Vivant– and Anglicised it became Bonner.

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What happens to people when they die if they have been cruel to animals?

After the sudden death of my beautiful cat from cancer, I had to change species, I just couldn’t replace him. Even then it took me months to even think about another pet.

So I got Oliver dog from Monika’s Doggie Rescue

A week after I had Ollie – I noticed he was very quiet. I went to the back garden and could instantly smell something “off”. He was quivering and shaking, froth foaming out of his mouth. I saw on the ground what looked like a bright green mound of something….

I didn’t have time to check out what it was – I quickly grabbed my beautiful puppy and rushed  him to  the vet. He was rushed into emergency – he had taken a bait I was told.

My instant reaction was sheer uncontrolled hatred for the person that had caused so much pain and suffering for my little boy. How on earth could a human do that? Oliver has sustained long term illness in the form of a sensitive stomach since this baiting 4 years ago. He has episodoes when he is in soo much pain, about once a month, all because of this person.

And then today I found out the person who had done this to my dog, died on the weekend.

I have no idea what to feel. Relief, in that I never have to check my garden again to make sure there are no baits lying around. Relief, that I don’t have to pick up the numerous dead animals he killed from possums to mice and a poor pussy cat.

But I wonder, what has happened to this man. If you believe in the afterlife…I wonder…if you believe in reincarnation? I wonder

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If you’re happy and you know it ..

I just had one of the best weekend in agessss… a lot of my mates are turning 40 so that was always going to make it fun with friends coming from Melbourne to stay and play for one of the groups celebrations.

But then! Prince tour dates announced, so one of these old mates persuaded me to get tickets and go…and WOW what a night. I had very little expectations – liking his early music but only really getting into the funk when Musicology came out.  Despite the hike to Homebush – it was an amazing night. His guitar playing by itself, let alone the staging, dancing and an amazing reportoir made it for one hellava fun night.

Meeting up with the rest of my pack staying the weekend after the concert just added to the high. But the weekend was more than the concert but more about being in a group, or maybe, like dogs, being in a pack that I think that “made” my weekend. These friends I’ve known for a long time. 10+ years. Funny – when you were younger, having a friend for 6 months was considered a long time!

To have friends around me that I’ve known for so long I think is a comfort thing. No need to explain things, comfortable around each other and knowing each others nuances. Also, growing up in a house with 8 people, I love the sounds of people around me whether it be sleeping, mumbling, chatting, kettle boiling etc etc

And I think for me after having a very cataclysmic last year with new friends not behaving themselves, having the comfort of old mates around reinforced  that my pack is fine, and I’m fine too. People come and go in your lives, but its true what one of my dear old Uncles said to me “If at the end of your life you can count your true friends on one hand, you are a lucky person”

And I am an extremely lucky person already….

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Taking time out..

One of my followers just sent me this comment on my last blog..

“Life is a either a grand adventure or nothing.” (Helen Keller)

Tis true, tis true. What is the point of staying in the same place, being bored, doing the same old things? I’ve never understood people who get in a place of going around in circles, complaining and whinging. I did a friendship cleanse late last year of people that were doing just that – they brought me down so much, such a waste of energy. They are wasting their life, and unfortunately being around people like that is just toxic.

Currently I’m reviewing so many options in my life. Work, Life…balance. Its been good to take some time out of my usual giddy routine. I’ve also been lucky enough to have a house sit that is sooo beautiful and peaceful, it gives me the time to think. This is the view from where I am sitting…

Its good to take time out…I should implement an annual week of sitting and doing nothing somewhere awesome. Lets be honest, it can’t do any harm!

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Social Media Marketing for the Arts: Case Studies

Social Media Marketing for the Arts: Case Studies.

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Ch ch ch ch changessss

In the words of David Bowie. Its time for a change, but what to do where and when. Major changes in life take effort, a lot of effort. There have been numerous in my life already – and trying to find the energy for another change is gunna take me a lot.

I’m not sure if its contagious, but a lot of my friends and colleagues (like up to 10 now in the past six months) are making radical changes to their lives. Some moving overseas, some changing their work, some just moving direction for a change.

Now I know why there are so many “Change” experts out there!

Maybe its because of people around me changing, hitting the dreaded 40’s or middle age (dare I say) or they see it as a last ditch career make or break time? Either way I am unsettled and I don’t like it!

I’ve never liked change, my dear old Uncle Max was very worried about me when my parents told me we were moving from my childhood home (I was about 16 at the time)….I loved this house, the space, the gardens….the house just had good Ju Ju

My childhood home - an old Queenslander on a massive block of land. I'm off to my first day at kindy.

He said to me – that change is inevitable..and I must learn to embrace it. I miss Uncle Max, he was always a font of wisdom.

I do love the lyrics in this song, especially these ones

Pretty soon you’re gonna get a little older
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time
I said that time may change me
But I can’t trace time

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Its only a piece of clothing

This morning I was walking my dog in the near by park. It was sunny but the wind had a real bite to it. I have a vest I wear and it has a hood on it. As Ollie and I were walking, sniffing, weeing in the park (the dog not me!) I noticed people walking away from me. I checked my shoes, nup no dog poo.

We walked through the park up to Oxford Street to Bondi Junction. I noticed people baulking and walking away from me again. And then it dawned on me – I was wearing the hood up to keep my head warm.

Do I look scary?

I know sure as eggs my dog doesn’t look scray

How very odd a piece of clothing can cause such a reaction – and this was not just from older people but a vast age range.

The hoodie has caused a few problems I suppose to disguise identities in the London Riots and in the US lately…but seriously? Do we need to have this adverse reaction here, a woman walking her dog on a cold morning?

How very very odd the world is getting

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In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends

This quote I read today on an Artists explanation for their artwork they submitted for an Art Prize I have been promoting for 6 years –  The Gallipoli Art Prize. Written by Martin Luther King Jr, this quote has somehow struck a cord with me and I’ve been thinking about it all day, amid the rush of the Art Prize’s announcement and handling the media, artists and the client.

This client is special to me, seen by some as a fuddy duddy group of old fellows, but what I loved today, as with all years, was the wide range of people being in one room, from 10  to 80 years old, all chatting about the world and getting on famously. Amidst this I met representatives of the Turkish and New Zealand Consulate and Kathryn Griener, who was representing the Anzac Centenary Committee. Also there were diggers from Vietnam, WW2 and Afghanistan. Its always an interesting day.

Also great is that its a rare time for the journalists  and photographers to mingle amongst the fantastic refreshments the Gallipoli Club offers. They are all competing for stories and from opposition outlets. I loved seeing The ABC, Fairfax, Daily Tele, The Australian and AAP photographers each discuss and give advice to each other on what the best camera angles were and who should take which shot. There was however competition over who got the last fresh prawn!

Also in the room was a man that once was my friend but who did some despicable and disloyal things to me. I was shocked to see him, he knowing full well I would be there working and I knowing he was not on the invitation list. Somehow this quote got me through seeing him.

Somehow this quote rings true for all today had on offer.

I will try and remember this quote – when things get tough, people do the wrong thing to me and each other.

Australia, NZ and Turkish representatives together again in 2012

The Creed of The Gallipoli Memorial Club

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I’ve been appalled at the treatment by one of the nicest people in the industry, Anita Heiss, and how she is being treated by a certain “journalist” Andrew Bolt. While I do not want to give this man any more free publicity, it raises more issues about freedom of speech. There has been so much written on this subject, but when does Freedom of Speech become an excuse to be racist, abusive and a deliberate act to hurt ?

The old saying – if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all is something clearly being ignored in today’s world. Sure, we all need critique, commentary and varying views – but this man’s clear vendetta, and a clear breach of the law has gone past that.

I am so proud that people are standing up and not accepting  this bullying by Bolt. But why does he continue with this tirade? sore loser, free publicity for him ? or just plain ignorance?

I just hope the publicity gives Anita more book sales. And I wish Amazon was moderating the comments more. If you’d like to buy the book click here its available on Kindle. Its sold out on Booktopia & The Book Depositary. Lets hope Random House are doing a reprint quick. Or else check you old fashion book stores. I just checked and Glee Books has it.

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