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The rights and the wrongs

Is it a state of nurture or upbringing that you somehow work out when you get older what is the right way to do things? Morals, ethics, religion? I am constantly surprised when people do, what is obvious to me, the … Continue reading

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I’ve been appalled at the treatment by one of the nicest people in the industry, Anita Heiss, and how she is being treated by a certain “journalist” Andrew Bolt. While I do not want to give this man any more free publicity, it raises more issues about freedom of speech. There has been so much written on this subject, but when does Freedom of Speech become an excuse to be racist, abusive and a deliberate act to hurt ?

The old saying – if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all is something clearly being ignored in today’s world. Sure, we all need critique, commentary and varying views – but this man’s clear vendetta, and a clear breach of the law has gone past that. 

I am so proud that people are standing up and not accepting  this bullying by Bolt. But why does he continue with this tirade? sore loser, free publicity for him ? or just plain ignorance?

I just hope the publicity gives Anita more book sales. And I wish Amazon was moderating the comments more. If you’d like to buy the book click here its available on Kindle. Its sold out on Booktopia & The Book Depositary. Lets hope Random House are doing a reprint quick. Or else check you old fashion book stores. I just checked and Glee Books has it.


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